Revolutionizing Point-of-Purchase Displays

InvisiSign® engages shoppers and then fades away into thin air leaving them focused directly on your product and packaging.

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A new generation in retail messaging

This battery-powered, clear plastic sign can be placed in front of products without obstructing the view. It is designed for use in multiple applications including cooler doors, shelves, end caps, display cases, or can be free standing.

Watch how InvisiSign engages customers

During a recent pilot study we utilized hidden cameras to capture shoppers’ reactions to the InvisiSign® and its ability to alter their purchase behavior.

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A clean look for retailers

InvisiSign® can be produced to illuminate any brand’s message along with four-color graphics. After flashing on to attract a shopper though, the sign then fades away to become completely invisible to help maintain a clean look for the retailer.

See the light

The latest in LED lighting technology

Low Power LEDs

Only a single LED is required to power the InvisiSign, which allows the display to run on batteries for an extended period. A set of AA or D batteries will provide 25,000-300,000 activations.

Motion Sensor

This senses the approach of a shopper, allowing the display to activate only when someone is nearby. This also allows for a specific attraction sequence in the critical 3’-10’ range.

Patent Protected

InvisiSign® has been in development and testing for over 5 years and utilizes cutting-edge technology. There are 4 granted international patents and over 15 patents pending for the InvisiSign®.

"InvisiSign® draws attention to our new products better than any other merchandising system we have used in the past. It also helps showcase the essence of our brands with unlimited messaging options. We are big fans of this new solution!" Stephen Heilman, CEO of Charleston Distilling Co.
“InvisiSign® is one of the most innovative and effective POP tools I’ve seen in a very long time. Shoppers are drawn in by the magic of an image that floats in mid-air and then disappears!” Robert Tamcsin, CEO of Mad Croc Brands, Inc.
“You just don’t get that kind of impact with a piece of paper sign. We’ve used the InvisiSign® to educate all our store managers of the impact that the correct signage makes.” Angie Dolan, Director of Marketing for Last Minit Mart chain of Convenience Stores
"Testing the InvisiSign® in-store helped prove its undeniable impact on shopper behavior. You can see the stopping power it has almost immediately after the installation. The fact that it’s mobile and modular allows for endless creative solutions." Joe Scaramuzzi, Micro Market Operator of Mark Vend Co.

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Made in the USA and manufactured by Design Phase, Inc.